Haptika – March 21,2018 – is waiting for you!

In one whole day expect to experience the entire world of haptic advertising in Bonn’s World Conference Center. You’ll see prominent brand, such as JBL, Moleskine, Reisenthel, Staedtler, Steiff and Villeroy & Boch, and about 170 generalist importers and distributors.  WA Media GmbH – is organising on an annual basis the show and the important Promotional Gift Award.           www.haptica-live.de

View here annual calender of Industry Fairs (Swags – Promotional Articles – Advertising Items)  www.kangocorp.com/industryfairs.asp

The Future of Work and Rewards Is Here


Join fellow leaders and future-of-work experts in Dallas, WorldAtWork
and identify opportunities for you to evolve your own organization, increase speed to talent, and help you to drive the change necessary for tomorrow’s – evolving world.  Attendees will see where people will work, the jobs they’ll do and, most importantly, how their companies will support them. View how employers should begin preparing for those changes today, from launching training programs with current competitors to preparing offices for a remote workforce.

Looking for gifts and promotional gadgets ? Here your appointments!

15/09/2016 — RelatieZ Utrecht — The Netherlands

16/09/2016 — Mostra Rota & Gift Show — Athens — Greece

16/09/2016 — Homi Fall (form.Macef) — Milan — Italy

17/09/2016 — Sidney Gift Fair Fall — Sidney — Australia

20/09/2016 — Saagny Fall Showcase — Teaneck NJ — Usa

20/09/2016 — Paperworld China — Shanghai — China

24/09/2016 — Sabo Smart — Rome — Italy

27/09/2016 — Jingle Bell — Milan — Italy

27/09/2016 — Iaw Messe Fall — Cologne — Germany

28/09/2016 — Licensingmexico — Mexico City — Mexico

28/09/2016 — Reklama — Moskow — Russia